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Our school welcomes families from abroad, ensuring extremely high teaching standards and excellent proficiency in English and preparing children to enter Primary School with an extra support in Italian.

We are fully committed to facilitating the smoothest possible transition, providing flexibility and empathy.

To find out more about our approach, teachers, services, and extra activities or ask any questions you may have, please reserve a one-to-one appointment with our Head of Admissions.

Our goal is to foster the early childhood developmental milestones and to build your child’s love for learning while becoming fluent both in English and Italian!

These goals are met with the guidance of devoted native speaking professionals passionate about education.

Tailored for your child

Our goal is to ensure that each child develops his/her full potential. We recognise that each child is different and learns at an individual pace. Along the children’s learning journey, we monitor their progress and the programme is specifically tailored for their individual development, thus enhancing their specific attitudes, interests, strengths and skills.

Family vibes and open mindedness

You will join a welcoming community that is constantly open to change and innovation. Following this approach we teach children to become “Citizens of the World”.

Our professionalism and dedication is always accompanied by great attention to families, especially to those that have just moved and need extra support to adjust to their new life in Milan.

Learning landscapes

Imaginative and suggesting learning landscapes allow the students to be empowered and motivated to choose where to work, where to play and what to explore, thus fostering the students’ autonomy, independence and responsibility.

The internationally renowned architect Rosan Bosch, considered as the leading figure of innovative educational theories of the third millennium, designed “revolutionary” environments: the school common areas are transformed into inspiring
spaces for teaching, learning, tutoring and social activities.

The Knowledge Center, the garden, the Lego® Lab, the gym and the cafeteria are spaces functional to learning and allow teachers and students to work in a variety of “landscapes” meeting the educational needs and goals.


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